Hey! I'm Rachel! I'm hyper... all of the time... haha I am a straight 16 year old girl, interested in guys :D i am a christian who is just suffering through high school and the life that comes with it. Tumblr is my outlet =) I have been struggling with severe clinical depression and anxiety along with other issues for more than 4 years. if you need to talk, please do. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING =) i love talking to people! so if you ever wanna ask me something, don't hesitate! =)

I LOVE MUSIC. it is my number one obsession!

I also love:

>>singing >>writing >>Skateboarding >>Psych >>Castle >>Necessary Roughness >>NCIS >>Suits >>Robert Downey Jr. >>Any and all kinds of music, as stated before. :) >>drawing, art, etc. >>The Avengers >>fangirling >>photography >>going to concerts >>Anything that shows up on this blog. :D

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