Hey! I'm Rachel! I'm super hyper haha I am a straight 17 year old girl, interested in guys :D i am a christian who is just suffering through high school and the life that comes with it. Tumblr is my outlet =) I have been struggling with severe clinical depression and anxiety along with other issues for more than 7 years. I am in what I hope is a recovery from these issues.. if you need to talk, please do. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING =) i love talking to people! so if you ever wanna ask me something, don't hesitate! =)

I LOVE MUSIC. it is my number one obsession!

I also love:

>>singing>>writing>>Skateboarding>>Psych>>Castle>>Necessary Roughness>>NCIS>>Robert Downey Jr.>>Any and all kinds of music, as stated before. :)>>drawing, art, etc.>>The Avengers>>fangirling>>photography>>going to concerts>>Anything that shows up on this blog. :D

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9/11 Tribute

I want to start by saying, i am not writing this with any political or religious purpose. 13 years ago today, a horrible attack took place, and no matter what your beliefs are, you have to recognize that.

2,977 people lost their lives. 19 were hijackers.  227 innocent people died on the planes. 431 firefighters and emergency response team members died trying to save lives in the city. The rest were civilians, either killed by the blast, trapped inside and suffocated or crushed or burned, or killed from the fall after the jumped from the windows. thousands more were injured.

No matter where you are from, no matter what you believe, I ask that you just take a minute, sometime today, and remember. 

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A thunderstorm Monday night had cleared the air over Manhattan and the sunlight of a warm September morning was glinting off the Hudson River as the business day began in the city’s highest buildings. By A description of the conditions in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, before the planes struck the World Trade Center. From our Sept. 12, 2001, story that we pulled from the archives on the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. (via latimes)

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Let us not forget the horrific tragedy that befell our country that day and the innocent lives that were lost.  Let us not embolden our enemy by allowing us to live in despair.  Let us prove that we are still the beacon of hope and liberty in the world that they envy and seek to destroy.  Let us not forget those that have sacrificed their lives to ensure those freedoms.  We are Americans.  We will not tremble.  We only overcome.

Never forget